About ferns

Cedar House Ferns brings back the magic and romance of the thrilling 19th-century fern hunt with a selection of very special and exclusive ferns. And to give you some more information about ferns, we have some fun facts below.

Did you know that:

Ferns live at dark places

For centuries, ferns were regarded as mysterious plants. Their extracts were used as treatment for all kinds of ailments. Ferns were also intriguing because of their puzzling reproduction. They were thought to have invisible seedsIn the 19th century it was finally understood how microscopic spores contributed to their reproduction. 

Weekly trips were organized to look for ferns

In 19th century Britain, a fern craze or pteridomania affected all classes of society. Many books were published about ferns and plant collectors looked for new species. Men, women and children started fern hunting, which was seen as a moral, healthy and educational activity. 

Worldwide there are more than 12.000 ferns

Ferns have existed for hundreds of millions of years. They are found all over the world and still new species are discovered. In the wild, they often grow in areas of high humidity. As a result, ferns release a lot of moisture, purify the air and ensure good air humidity.  

Caring for ferns

Most outdoor ferns grow well in a shady spot in well-drained, slightly acidic soilWith some peat litter around the base of the plantit keeps a moist soil. It is not necessary to prune evergreen ferns. The withered leaves of deciduous ferns can be removed in the spring.